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Life is more than just 'Hi and Byes'. The corporate world is no exception.


We know you want to maximise business contacts but avoid long drawn superficial small talk. We know you want to know someone better to build business relationships but different people thrive in different social settings.

At Mining Investment Conferences, we provide varied networking platforms for you to make meaningful connections for long term partnership and collaborations. 

Food and drinks always make excellent conversation starters. Hence Mining Investment Conferences devotes substantial time to create the perfect environment for relaxed, casual networking meals and drinks.


With no set time limit on how long each meeting should last, attendees can freely mingle and discover new opportunities and contacts. The team is also on site to match make attendees based on their common business profiles or objectives. 

At Mining Investment Conferences, the exhibition floor provides attendees the perfect opportunity to discover the latest mining projects and new discoveries and experience the latest technological gadgets and applications in person. Speak to mining companies CEOs and discuss the feasibility of the projects and financing options. At the sane time witness how latest innovations can be applied to enhance various processes in the mining sector, in ways never even previously thought possible. 

We all have our pet topics and interests and some of us prefer sharing what we know with others in a small group settings. 


Roundtable discussions, with country, commodity or other mining specific topics, presents a perfect platform for more cosy intellectual discussions. Moreover, conversations with other like-minded individuals provides a great opportunity to exchange viewpoints and foster new business contacts. 

Undivided one to one attention is a tried and tested networking method. They can be a great platform to have confidential, direct and targeted conversations. Mining Investment Conferences, with the help of the virtual business matching tool or on site staff introductions, facilitate such networking opportunities. 

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