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Dhruv Gulati

Vice President - Minerals and Metals

M2I Corp

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Accomplished Executive with success identifying new business opportunities, developing and executing business and operational plans, tracking deliverables, exceeding plans, maximizing revenue and efficiencies with proactive and ambitious strategies. Decisive, passionate, and devoted to outperforming expectations. Attentive, engaging, and resourceful with clients and partners.

Over his professional career, Dhruv Gulati has applied his natural skills of leadership, relationship building, organization, and execution into many successful endeavors. He is an instinctive entrepreneur and relishes starting a venture and watching it develop into successful maturity. His ability to develop rapport and find common ground to achieve mutually beneficial objectives has led to completing many successful projects. These innate traits allow Dhruv to be a consummate Business Development professional regardless of the industry.

Dhruv Gulati
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